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How can I get the VIP status on [1upZ] NMRiH Servers?

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How can I get the VIP status on [1upZ] NMRiH Servers?

You can join [1upZ] and then let the clan founder know you would like to be added. Alternatively, you can be a longtime friend of the clan and receive it that way upon request. 

Who is a VIP?

If you are in [1upZ] or [1up] and would like to be a VIP then I will need a link to your Steam account so I can add it to the list.
By default all NMRiH admins are VIP. The VIP system is meant for people in the clan and close friends of the clan. It is not a system meant to encourage donations to the servers. People who want VIP status should join [1upZ].

Where can I get more information about the VIP offers.

Not a problem. You can visit this link: http://www.1upclan.info/forum/index.php?topic=15102.0

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