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Are my stats saving on Killing Floor?

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Are my stats being saved on 1up's Killing Floor servers?

This is a simple thing to understand. As you play on a Killing Floor server that is whitelisted your game progress kills and achievements are sent to Steam for saving. Sometimes people experience issues with their own connection or some external reason that causes their own game client to not correctly read the stats stored on Steam.

A simple way to check this yourself is to manually go to where your Steam stats are saved on Steam.

Viewing stats if you have a custom URL

Here is a link to where my stats are located on Steam:


I have a custom URL which makes it pretty easy for me to see my stats this way. If you have a custom URL then replace "RonaldLee" with your customer URL name. 

Viewing stats with Profile Number

If you do not have a custom URL for your Steam profile, then you can still view your stats by using the method below:


Here you just repace the  "76561198061188238" with your own profile number.



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