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How do I merge my clan into 1up?

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1up is interested in offerring other clans the opportuntity to merge into 1up so that we can form a stronger clan. This is an exciting opportutnity for both 1up and the clans that consider merging into 1up.

The Merger Application

Initiating a merger begins by completing official "Merger Application" located here.

Basic Requirements

1up needs to make sure that  the clan moving to merge meets the basic requirements that 1up imposes upon anyone who would join our clan. These basic requirements are not complex, so let's go over each of them one by one to make things easier.

XFire: All 1ups need to be registered for is XFire. Instructions on creating an XFire account and joining the 1up XFire page can be found here.

GameTracker: All 1ups need to bedregistered for is GameTracker. Instructions for creating a GameTracker account and joining the 1up GameTracker page can be found here.

Steam: All 1ups need to bed registered for is Steam. Instructions on creating a Steam account and setting up a custom profile url can be found here.

TeamSpeak: All 1ups need to have downloaded and installed TeamSpeak. We use this client to communicate with each other while we are in game or for general communication. Instructions for downloading the TeamSpeak client can be found here and the information you need to connect to our TeamSpeak server can be found here.

Processing and Acceptance

Once the Merger Application is found sufficient, 1up Application Staff will activate the Merger Application, by placing it into "Pending" status. A vote will be scheduled to take place 10 days after your application is activated. If your clan passes through our initial voting acceptance, then the merger will be approved for a temporary trial period to make sure that both clans can maintain as one clan. A second vote will be held to finalize the merger. Once the merger is final, all members are 1ups. Additional information about the votes and various offerings to leaders of the Merging Clan is available directly in the clan merging policy located here.



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