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I would like to join 1up, how do I do that?

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Applying to be a member of 1up is a pretty straightforward process, but does require a small amount of effort on your part.  To help you in this endeavor, we have created this guide which should walk you through the application process step by step, so let's get started.

Things to do before you apply

Before you begin filling out an application, you need to first make sure that you meet the minimum requirements to join the clan. You can do this by visiting our application requirements page and carefully reading all of the information provided. If you have any questions about any of the information you see on this page, then you can ask any  of our current clan members1  for assistance and they should be able to answer any questions you may have.

Once you are sure you meet the minimum requirements to join the clan, the next thing to do is to read our Clan Policies and Procedures. To do this, click here and carefully read all the information provided

The last  step in the (things to do before you apply) section is to make sure you are registered2 for all the services that the clan uses and have downloaded and installed all of the software2 that the clan uses. There a a few sub steps in this step so let's go over each of them one by one to make things easier.

Steam: A service that you will need to register for is Steam. If you already have an existing Steam account , then you do not need to create a new one, but all applicants must have a valid Steam account and they must setup a custom url  to their Steam profile page. Instructions on creating a Steam account and setting up a custom profile url can be found here

TeamSpeak: The last thing you need to take care of before you apply, is making sure you have downloaded and installed TeamSpeak. We use this client to communicate with each other while we are in game or for general communication and all applicants are required to have a working TeamSpeak  client3 installed on their Operating System. Instructions for downloading the TeamSpeak client can be found here and the information you need to connect to our TeamSpeak server can be found here

1. With the exception of Bowser
2. Any service / software that the clan requires you to register for / download is FREE.
3. A microphone is required to use TeamSpeak. Therefore, all applicants must have a working microphone before they can apply to join the clan.


Once you have completed all the pre-application steps above, it is finally time to apply to join the clan. You can do this by clicking here and filing out our clan member application form. We would like to remind you again that if you are unsure about any of the questions that are being asked, then you can ask any  of our current clan members1 for assistance and they should be able to help you.

Things to do after you apply

Now that you have filed an application, all you need to do is wait until for your application to be processed and for your vote to be called. If you would like to see when your vote is going to be called, click here. If you would like to see an overview of our application process click here. While you are waiting for your vote to be called, you can further help your chances of getting into the clan by following the tips below.

  • Hang out with us as much as possible on the forum, Steam, and especially TeamSpeak.
  • Play on 1up servers as much as possible.
  • Ask questions if you are unsure about anything. The knowledge base is a good place to start.
  • Be patient. We are looking for applicants who are dedicated and dependable.
  • Be honest. If  you lie or withhold information on your application, then your only hurting yourself..
  • Be respectful of not just 1up members, but of all players on all servers.
  • Have fun. That is why we are all here in the first place right.

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