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How do I apply for 1up's Xfire page ?

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Applying for 1up's Xfire is a simple 2 step process which is outlined below.

Step 1 (Create a Xfire account if you do not already have one) 

1.1 Navigate to the xfire user registration page located here

1.2 Fill in the form with the required information to register your new account.

1.3 Proceed to Step 2.


Step 2 (Apply for 1up's Xfire page using your Xfire account)

2.1 Navigate to the 1up xfire page located  here

2.2 Click on the large JOIN button located at the top center portion of the page.

Img 2.2

2.3 Follow the steps outlined to complete the application to join 1up's xfire.

2.4 You are now part of 1up's public Xfire group.


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