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Author Topic: VIPs for [1upZ] NMRiH Servers  (Read 6878 times)

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Re: VIPs for [1upZ] NMRiH Servers
« Reply #30 on: June 12, 2017, 03:28:41 PM »
How shld i inform the founder that i want the VIP status?

Hello. I just added you to VIP.

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Re: VIPs for [1upZ] NMRiH Servers
« Reply #31 on: July 24, 2017, 10:44:30 PM »
How shld i inform the founder that i want the VIP status?

Hello. I just added you to VIP.
Hi, im new on the clan and I would like de Vip 1 and 2 package. My steam account:
It is VIP time for [1upZ] NMRiH servers.

VIP Package Installed on [1upZ] Servers, 5/30/2014.

   * We offer 2 VIP Packages (VIP#1 or VIP#2) FREE to any person who joins [1upZ]. You can choose one or both together.


VIP#1: Custom Colored NAME:

A VIP#1 can use a custom name. To use a custom colored name do the following:

Open console and type "sm_coloredname" [insert name}
Example: sm_coloredname ^9Big^6Time^5Smiter  --which would look like this: BigTimeSmiter
Once you set your name then you have to tell the server to use that name, so you type in console: "sm_coloredname_on"
And if you want to turn off your colored name you type in console: "sm_coloredname_off"

Colors that can be used:

^0 - Default
^1 - Default
^2 - White
^3 - Team color
^4 - Green
^5 - Yellow
^6 - Red
^7 - Purple
^8 - Orange
^9 - Cyan

VIP#1: Custom Colored CHAT:

A VIP#1 can use a custom colored chat. To use a colored chat do the following:

Open console and type "sm_color" [insert a color from the list below}

Example: sm_color red  (this would make your chat red)
Turning it off: sm_color off

Colors that can be used:


VIP#1: !guns Access WEAPONS:

A VIP#1 can use a the !guns command in chat to open up the weapons menu.

VIP#1: !models Access PLAYER SKINS:

A VIP#1 can use a the !models command in chat to open up the custom player models menu. Models that are available to VIPs include:

Vin Diesel
Chef Tell
Harry Potter


* List of VIP Skins with IMAGES is available at:

VIP#2: VIP Perks on Spawn:

A VIP#2 will spawn with with a pistol, medic pack and pain pills in their inventory.

VIP#2: 1-Time Respawn on Objective Mode:

A VIP#2 can do a 1-time respawn on an objective mode map by spectating an alive player and then typing "sm_respawn" in console.
You cannot use the command while in free floating mode.

VIP#2: Health 100% on Medic Pack Use:

A VIP#2 will receive full health refill when using a medic pack.[1] Normally a health pack will give a player a 30% health increase. Keep in mind that the health increase when using a medic pack does not cure or help and infected player (they still need to take pills just like any other infected player).


How can I get the VIP status?

You can join [1upZ] and then let the clan founder know you would like to be added. Alternatively, you can be a longtime friend of the clan and receive it that way upon request.

Who is a VIP?

If you are in [1upZ] or [1up] and would like to be a VIP then I will need a link to your Steam account so I can add it to the list.
By default all NMRiH admins are VIP. The VIP system is meant for people in the clan and close friends of the clan. It is not a system meant to encourage donations to the servers. People who want VIP status should join [1upZ].

What if I only want one of the VIP packages?

Not a problem. You can have VIP#1 or VIP#2, or you can have them both.

Does the VIP System Work on All Servers?

No. The VIP System works exclusively on [1upZ] NMRiH servers, shown below:

[1upZ] NMRiH Public Server:
IP Connect:

[1upZ] Realism NMRiH Server:
IP Connect:

 1. I decided to implement this feature for VIP#2 because many NMRiH servers are awarding higher health regenerations.

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Re: VIPs for [1upZ] NMRiH Servers
« Reply #32 on: August 06, 2017, 09:03:33 PM »
hi, my nickname is BACK1337 On Steam, i'm really interested want to be a vip "VIP#2" on this game, in yours servers <3, my steam :
pd: i'm chilean.
pd2: sorry for my english is so bad :'c
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Re: VIPs for [1upZ] NMRiH Servers
« Reply #33 on: August 18, 2017, 09:00:17 PM »
Hello, I joined today.
My Steam ID is Thysbe, name is Akai.
I would like both VIP packages if possible. Much appreciated!