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January 16, 2013, 07:15:47 AM by mission in Programming

  • Fixed: Sometimes players dont freeze properly
  • Fixed: players who join mid round and are labeled dead still count towards frozen/nonfrozen ratio causing there team to not lose
  • Added: When a player is frozen they get stuck in a ledge climb animation and are given a flag of the opposite team.

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November 06, 2012, 11:22:25 PM by mission in Programming

So im starting work on moving the freeze mode code i have so far for to 4.1 as i have what i need to freeze a player in 4.1, cant seem to find it in 4.2 :(.
The way it will work:
when a player is shot and there health should go below 1 the damage is blocked and there health is set to 1, and cannot go lower, also the initial freeze adds a kill to the person that froze them and a death to the player frozen. Over time the frozen player regens health until they have ~95 hp. once a player has >= 95 hp from the regen or someone healing them, they are automatically unfrozen. while frozen the player doesnt have a weapon. when all of the players on one team are frozen the round ends and the team that isnt completely frozen gains a point. So far i dont have the spectator feature for when a player is frozen :
EDIT: also forgot, while a player is frozen they are unable to bleed.

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