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June 20, 2017, 08:54:43 PM by OPWhiteTiger[1upZ] in Tigers' Musings

I realized I haven't blog in quite a while.  I'm bad  :(

I have been playing quite a while and I'm glad to say I'm quite accomplished in NMRiH if I do say so myself! I've finished recording my speed run of cabin without taking any damage. Now I just need to edit, clean up, convert and post it on Youtube. I don't know how I will be able to do it without dealing damage if shoving considers it as "dealing damage". Otherwise I think I can do it!

Unfortunately, I have experienced some unruly people on the Realism Server. But I might just be being too sensitive and try and give them another chance!

On the positive side I have two good news! I've started playing a lot of other zombie games (Project Zomboid, 7 Days 2 Die, Zafehouse: Diaries). Some like 7 Days 2 Die, I host a temporary server while I'm playing with my friends! If you want, you can add me and we'll play together!

The other good news is that I'm streaming my games. I don't have any viewers yet but I do stream a wide variety of games from popular games to not very popular games.

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