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March 05, 2016, 01:01:57 PM by OPWhiteTiger[1upZ] in Tigers' Musings

Fun fun! I have to try this out. I just want to blog about whatever zombie related things or whatever I fancy. I would really appreciate on any comments, feedback, or suggestions.

First off, I want to thank you all for letting me join this group. I love zombie/survival games. So I'm really glad I was able to join 1upZ.

Now I want to try and blog at least every week but once university starts that might be hard. I'll try anyways and hopefully I won't spam the blog area with my posts. I'm willing to stop if it disturbs anyone. I'm going to be posting music that fits my mood or music I've been listening to this week. Any thoughts, self goals that I completed, or questions are also going to be posted.

So for my first post, I want to make a self goal. I want to try and beat nmo_cabin in No More Room in Hell under 4 minutes and get that achievement. Bonus points if I don't get hurt. Legendary points if I don't use any firearms. TIGER points if I do it without killing any zombies. I'll post an update when I complete it or at the end of the week.

Anyone that plays NMRiH and haven't done this should try it. Good luck everyone, don't get bit!

P.S. This goal seems a bit easy but first time should be gentle.  :P

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