News: Urban Terror (4.2) (Server):
1up Chronic TDM
Location: /connect
May 31, 2013, 12:24:40 AM by FrostLey in The Script New

Hello today I bring a script,3 clicks and 15 shoots:set sl_00 "set sl_f vstr sl_01; ut_echo ^2Human; vstr zom"
set sl_01 "set sl_f vstr sl_00; ut_echo ^5Zombie; vstr hum"
set sl_f "vstr sl_01"
bind m "vstr sl_f"
set zom "bind MOUSE1 +attack"
set hum "bind MOUSE1 vstr att"
set att "+attack; -attack; wait 5; +attack; -attack; wait 5; +attack; -attack; wait 5; +attack; -attack; wait 5; +attack; -attack; wait 5; +attack; -attack"

I hope they serve.

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