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KF2 Signature Generator
« on: August 30, 2015, 10:56:48 AM »

What is It?
The Killing Floor 2 Signature Generator will let you design a forum signature to fit your needs while updating the perks (every 2 hours) to show your most recent perk levels.

Sig Generator URL

What does it look like?
The Interface(Scaled Down):

Sample Signatures:

The last signature generates a random zombie each time the image loads.

Dual and Triple Signatures

I have also added a Combo Box at the bottom that lets you choose whether you want the image you're registering to be your default image, Extra 1, or Extra 2, this way they won't override one another.

Here are my 2 extra (I made these quickly just to make sure it works).

Are Your Levels Really That Low?
Yes, yes they are...... (Sorry World)

How To Get Your Steam Profile URL
Just open up your Steam client
Click your name in the top right, near the minimize button, and hit "View Profile".
Right click in some empty space.
Hit "Copy Page URL"
Paste it into the textbox and hit Get ID64!

Random Facts
You can use zombies both from Killing Floor 1 and Killing Floor 2
You can toggle the side of your personal text
This Sig Generator uses the Steam Web API
Will most likely not work on phones of similar devices (even if it does good luck trying to do this on a phone)

Alpha Notice
I did a pretty good amount of testing on this, but I will say that not every little possibility has been tested, if something goes wrong please tell me and I will try to fix it as soon as possible.

Comments and Critiques
If you feel like something on this Sig Generator does not feel right, feel free to mention it, just try not to yell too much.