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Author Topic: Defiance: Killing the WarMaster  (Read 2887 times)

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Defiance: Killing the WarMaster
« on: November 10, 2014, 10:03:56 AM »
Member Name: "missmar"

How to kill WM! Tips for killing the Warmaster of Major Arkfalls!
Hey folks, I still see folks bringing up outdated tactics for WM fights

So your buddy ba'alaraphim here is putting together this draft of a surefire way to kill WM that random non-clan player groups can appreciate when they finally see a random pick-up group take down WM!

Veteran players, make corrections if you get the urge but no need to be judgmental of my attempt!

--------Coordinating before the fight--------

Outside the arkfall, try to gather as many patient players as you can before spikes go down.

More often than not, a random chat-ignoring player will start it anyway, so gather quickly.

Outside the arkfall, points don't matter. No rewards.

----------The perks, weapons... Equipment-------------

First tip about equipment: No volge weapons and no explosives. They're pseudo-damage in that they show big numbers but are really slow and therefore NOT big numbers compared to other guns.

But the main reason: the explosion graphics are too big on WM and volge has an opaque white that will disable you from seeing where your own shots land, and if more people use it you might well stare at a white screen!

Grab a full-auto weapon for the main portions of the fight, with radiation (or bio)nano.

Good auto weapons include the SAW (great range, high mag) and full auto SMGs (Pulser, Tachmag Pulser, Needler, rate 25 means 25 bullets per second of fire)

As long as the gun is radiation, you can choose your mods how you like them. A scope with movement accuracy, a recoil reduction stock, a reload mag, falloff or dmg barrel are some suggestions.

Protip: If you have a high crit weapon like a 3.2+ crit mult on Wolfhound pistol or Quick Repeater, you will help with great damage numbers if the room can break the back crystals! Stack those crit mults with mods and Damage spikes too!!

Perks. I'll add accessory equipment to each perk category

Grab overcharge. Below is an overcharge recharge guide also, but everyone should really have their power ego set to Overcharge for the beginning of the fight, and grabbing the thousands of extra points at the end with Power Kill.

You also definitely want everyone to use Sucker Punch (bottom left below cloak) because its is a bonus +15% damage to WM's backside where absolutely everyone should be shooting!! Everything else can be categorized for survival, or critical focus. Make any combination of these specific perks to make your best WM set.

If you prefer survival for less incapacitations and less point loss, use more of these (ranked by utility):
Blast Shield, In the Trenches, Fortified Stance, Failsafe (use low delay shield), Thick Skinned, and Cellular Armor. (Warning: Lightning resistance or Grounded doesn't help) Also grab a defensive stim: Heal stim, Ablative Armor stim, or Armor repair stim. Protection Spike will be much appreciated by teammates when gathered below his wall-hanging attack.

If you prefer Overcharge recharge, use more of these:
Quick Charge, Time-Out with Single-Minded and Overload (Pumped Up optional), Killing Machine, Bloodlust. Grab power stim and don't forget to Power Kill with your Overcharge, it grants too many points toward your reward to ignore.

For critical damage users, try: Gunslinger or Hunter's Stance with Hunker Down for some defense

Use Damage Spike as you see fit especially for critical, but Ammo Spike is extremely helpful in saving everyone a trip to the ammo boxes and back again.

Once you're inside in the first room above WM, pay attention to chat.

If they say don't shoot the Ark Viscera it's because they're getting more players to join.

Be patient, they know what they're doing!

Tip for groups/clans separated by instance phases: Find someone who's in the room you want by messaging each other; you can quickly leave the instance you're in by typing /leaveparty (even if you're not in a party, you will leave the instance.) Get group invited, or Go to Friend to join the phase-- Go to Friend will appear only if people haven't killed the Ark Viscera yet!

So everyone is gathered and invitations have slowed: the room is ready and can kill the Ark Viscera together and drop down to the next room but do not shoot the locks

Again, you're going to need to coordinate and cooperate, but in the case that random players try to go for the locks, group up at the back-side of the WM anyway and let the locks unlock themselves after the timer.

Unload as many bullets as you can at the WM's back!

If you've followed all the above steps: You should see his back armor break rapidly, which makes the rest of the fight with critical damage go much quicker.

TL;DR Get a high number of people using SAW or SMGs with radiation nano, get Sucker Punch perk, Heal stim, and whatever spikes you want. EVERYONE SHOOT AT HIS BACK!

Oh and don't use BMG, especially Spanner Protector because it's just annoying and useless.

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Re: Defiance: Killing the WarMaster
« Reply #1 on: November 11, 2014, 12:47:46 AM »
This game sounds more intricate than most FPS/TPS. Yikes!

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Re: Defiance: Killing the WarMaster
« Reply #2 on: November 11, 2014, 05:49:37 PM »
This game sounds more intricate than most FPS/TPS. Yikes!

Sounds like, no doubt. But, it isn't really. That is just a writeup done by someone that probably has some serious OCD/control issues. ;) A large clan raider for sure, not my style. They take that crap way too seriously.

Keep it simple: Do absolutely everything possible to maximize your DPS. Which is how I stated it when I passed it along to others in TS.